Boxgrove & Halnaker Traffic Calming Initiative

Boxgrove proposed solutions

  1. Lower speed limit to 20mph through village –gates to gates

  2. North pinch point, village gates and ‘Public Right Of Way’ crossing

  3. Village hall pinch point/bus stop courtesy crossing

  4. Crouch Cross lane reprioritisation with road markings

  5. Church lane courtesy pedestrian crossing

  6. Central village road side treatment /centre white line removal (gate to gate)/improve paving

  7. Priory Close courtesy crossing/pinch point

  8. Repaved bus layby

  9. Formalise parking area on west side of The Street (south)

  10. Repositioning of bus stop on west side of The Street (south)

  11. South entrance village gates/signs/road surface treatment/ 20 mph through village

  12. Re-think road signage to create Boxgrove bypass via Temple Bar for non essential/through traffic (safer/quicker)

Halnaker proposed solutions

  1. Transition speed limit at north from 60mph, through 40mph to 30mph

  2. Village entrance gates either end of village with signage and surface change

  3. Formalise windmill parking area incorporating village entrance, PROW crossing and information station

  4. New permissive footpath along field boundary to existing pavement near Wayside cottage

  5. Review centre line treatment throughout village, particularly from Oakford Park to Tinwood Lane

  6. Pinch point outside Crockfords acknowledged, 5.4m width only, needs signage/bollards/etc

  7. Road surface treatment at pub entrance to signify pedestrian activity

  8. Review Halnaker crossing junction, especially coal yard site entrance – reduce splay into The     Street and create proper junction

  9. Create courtesy crossings at appropriate places (5 in total)

  10. New southern entrance statement/signage/gates and better PROW identification

  11. Review New Road junction – consider adding a roundabout