Public Consultation

The Boxgrove Neighbourhood Plan Public Consultation  


Thank you to all those who attended the public meeting and provide feedback on the Plan.   The Plan and all the event displays  can be viewed here. There is still plenty of time for you to have your say.


Having a NP is important to you because the policies it contains have to be used by Chichester DC when determining planning applications in the Parish.


This open event is your opportunity to voice your concerns and suggest any modifications that you feel may be necessary before the Plan is submitted. In advance of the event you are encouraged to contact the team about any issues in the Plan which may concern you. 




A year has passed since our last consultation meeting. Since then some key issues affecting our plan have happened;


  1. The appeal decision for the housing site known as Land off Priors Acre for 22 houses was allowed by the Planning Inspector on 26 May 2016 following the hearing on 9 February 2016.   This was despite opposition from The Parish Council (PC), The Neighbourhood Plan team and Chichester District Council (CDC), who originally refused permission.
  2. This development almost achieves the 25 dwellings that Boxgrove is expected to provide in the current allocations. Due to the great deal of support for the alternative site at Halnaker Crossing it was decided by the NP team and the PC to still include this site in the NP as sooner or later we need to find more housing allocation. It was felt that it was better for us to positively identify this site rather than be on the back foot opposing an unwanted alternative development which we will inevitably be faced with. In addition, diverting The Street around the site gives a potential safety improvement to the crossroads at Halnaker. 
  3. Due to the physical position of the Halnaker Crossing site, CDC have insisted that we have a very detailed and expensive Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) undertaken by consultants. The team has fought against this requirement for the past 9 months. Even with the help of grants and a contribution to the NP from our neighbours Goodwood, the costs are still too great and with the agreement of the PC we are now reluctantly proceeding without additional housing specified in our NP.
  4. Without the site being specifically identified we need rely more heavily on our policies about Quality of Housing Design and the importance of our views across the Parish and the management of the Conservation Areas in Boxgrove and Halnaker. Please study these in the NP.


Please come along to the event on the 25th March or have your say via this site. The Plan and all the event displays  can be viewed here. Once the Plan moves through the consultation stages you will be asked to cast your vote at a public Referendum. It is therefore important that you understand and agree the policies it contains.