Boxgrove Neighbourhood Plan Update November 2018


I am, afraid to say that since my last update that very little seems to have happened to progress our Plan with Chichester DC. 


Despite numerous follow-up calls and emails, they have failed to give us dates when they expect to respond to us and we now understand have stopped the Independent Examiner dealing with our plan. They are awaiting advice as to how they should respond to an EU ruling about Habitat Regulations.


This is, despite the fact, that their own commissioned study has established that the Priors Acre site, that has just started construction, is unlikely to have any possible effect on the habitats in question. In any case, the issue is not on the critical path for completion of our plan.


Out of sheer frustration at the painfully slow progress and the lack of support from CDC, we decided to write our MP, Gillian Keegan, in the hope that some pressure can be put on these bureaucrats. I presented this proposal to the Parish Council last week and they fully supported the action. I have also written to the Chichester Observer.


Unfortunately, a week has now gone by and I have received nothing in return apart from an automated reply. I now have chased her for a response.


You may have read in the local press that CDC are currently reviewing their Local Plan and Boxgrove will be given an additional 50 homes. It is vital for the Parish financially that our current Neighbourhood Plan is finalised (made) before we revise it to include this additional housing. 


The Neighbourhood Plan process is supposed to be about local democracy.

If you have strong feelings about this matter, please write to your councillor and/or MP.


The Plan can be viewed on the dedicated website


David Leah

Chair, Boxgrove Neighbourhood Plan Team                            13 November 2018