Neighbourhood Plan Latest

The Neighbourhood Plan Reg 14 consultation has been stopped as Chichester DC has once again determined that the Plan has to be screened under the SEA regulations.

The NP team are very unhappy at the handling of this matter. They have emails from CDC and Heritage England stating that if they removed the land at Halnaker Crossing from the Plan they would not require an SEA. The land was removed, but to reflect the wish of residents, it was mentioned as a possible site for future development if CDC came forward with a future housing allocation. CDC has determined that leaving that wording in the Plan is still site allocation requiring SEA.

The NP team, with support of the Parish Council has removed all reference to the Halnaker site form the Plan but CDC now state that as the Plan is different from the one previously screened it has to be re-screened. This will delay the Plan by a further  six weeks and then the Reg14 consultation will have to be carried out all over again.