Boxgrove Neighbourhood Plan Update September 2018


Our Neighbourhood Plan is now nearing completion and is currently being scrutinised by an independent examiner to ensure is conforms to current legislation.


Once any required changes are incorporated, we will be able to hold a referendum with all the residents to either vote in favour or not. If, most of you are in favour, it will be adopted. We expect this to happen by the end of 2018 or early 2019.


Our plan is based on an allocation of 25 homes which are those to be built west of Priors Acre in the southern corner down to the A27. This development was originally refused by Chichester DC but over turned by the government Planning Inspector as they considered that CDC had not identified enough land supply.


You may have read in the Parish Council minutes that CDC are currently reviewing their Local Plan, in light of the Government’s requirement, and by the time this update is published will have allocated to the parishes considerably more housing. Boxgrove will be given an additional 50 homes to find space for during the next 15 years or so and CDC believe that further land to the west of Priors Acre is the most appropriate place.


By us having a ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plan, we will gain considerably in the amount of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) that Boxgrove receives for use in improvements that we want. As residents you should make it clear how you wish this money to be spent. We are also able to influence the design of any developments as this  is included in the Plan. 


The Parish Council has now decided that we continue to referendum with our Plan, as is, and subsequently revise it to take account of the additional homes.


The Plan can be viewed on the dedicated website


David Leah

Chair, Boxgrove Neighbourhood Plan Team

18 September 2018