Complaint Letter

Mr Mike Harding

Chichester District Council

Neighbourhood Planning

1 East Pallant

PO19 1TY                            17th February 2018




Dear Mr Harding,


Boxgrove Parish Council would like to express its deep disappointment with regard to CDCs management of the Boxgrove Neighbourhood plan to date.

Although from the Parish Council's point of view the plan has been progressing steadily and positively over the last 18 months or so, each time the plan has had to go to CDC for comments, pre-submission or some other input, everything seems to grind to a halt and the responses seem to have been consistently delayed.   


The NP was submitted to CDC before Christmas and the PC would have expected the plan to start its six-week consultation period with CDC extremely rapidly after that.  As far as the PC is aware, a choice of examiners has still not been notified and we do not even know whether the six-week consultation period has commenced.  A change of member of staff should not cause this type of disruption.


Despite all the hard work and timely submissions from the Boxgrove NP team, this plan is falling seriously behind the Parish Council's schedule, and the PC is acutely aware that the commencement for planning for Boxgrove's only large scale development will start before the plan has been made, penalising Boxgrove with 10% less CIL money, which will then, of course, revert to CDC's own  coffers.


Boxgrove Parish Council would appreciate a sense of urgency from CDC to move this plan towards referendum without further delay, and look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely,






Imogen Whitaker – Clerk to the Council